11 Easy Ways to Make Home Life Easier for Elderly People

As you grow older the simple tasks that used to be second nature become frustrating, stressful and tiring. The exasperation that comes with dealing with these difficulties day after day can have a real impact on an elderly person’s mental and physical wellbeing, and it will often seem necessary for them to move away from their home comforts to a nursing facility. However, there are many small things you can do or buy for around the house to ensure that your elderly friend or relative is comfortable and safe.

Helping Hand – This ‘stick’ is about 18 inches long with a squeezable handle at one end and a sprung gripper at the other. It is perfect for gripping things that are difficult to hold or reach, such as opening a window or closing curtains.

Grippers – These are great for unscrewing jars and bottles, as we all know these can be a challenge whatever age you are!

Electric plugs with handles – A simple solution to the annoying task of attempting to grip an electric plug while bending down to the floor socket.

Doorbell amplifier –  An electrician can install an amplifier so that the doorbell can be heard from all parts of the house, including the garden.

Trolley or mobile tray – Trays with wheels are perfect for carrying things from room to room, as well as being something to support their movement.

Enlarged tap fittings – These require no extra plumbing and solely clip over the existing taps to make them easier to maneuver.

Key-turner – This little gadget attaches to the house key to make it easier to grip and turn in the lock. This also helps with peace of mind that your friend or relative will never be locked out.

Eye-level wardrobe – A rail at eye-height, whether that be for a standing person or someone in a wheelchair, can be very helpful and time-saving.

Zip hooks – A stick with a loop at the end to help pull up zips or do up buttons.

Suction mat – Varying in size, suction mats have many uses in the bathroom, from stability mats in the shower, to small mats to stop bottles and soaps from moving on the cabinets.

Thick handles – Think handled cutlery, pens, pencils and toothbrushes are all available on the market to making gripping easier.

Large-button remote control – With people with problems with eyesight, these remote controls can be very useful.

With these aids in place and a possible daily-carer around to help when needed, many elderly people could stay in the comforts of their own home and carry on their usual routine. Get in touch with our team for friendly advice on 01494 678811 or drop us an email at care@universal-care.co.uk.

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