9 Great Activities to do With the Elderly

We know how difficult it can be to find activities that are suitable for your elderly relatives, so here are 8 quick ideas to try in 2019!


1/ Tai Chi or Yoga

2/ Swimming

3/ Nordic Walking – check it out! www.britishnordicwalking.org.uk

4/ Learning an instrument

5/ Games such as Chess, cards, board games, Scrabble and Bridge

6/ Crafts, including quilting, painting and drawing

7/ Reading – support this through delivering new books regularly for elderly relatives or investing in a Kindle

8/ Jigsaw puzzles

9/ World documentaries

Keeping your elderly relatives active is a fantastic way to keep their health up, so encourage physical exercise where possible. Games, learning an instrument, reading and crafts can be very therapeutic, as well as providing mental and often social stimulation. There are so many options out there, so try something new with an elderly relative or friend in 2019!

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