Carer Rates of Pay

The pay rates detailed below also accrue holiday pay at approximately 12%.  Holiday pay can only be claimed when holiday is taken.

Daily Carer Pay Rates

Rates per hour

Public Holiday

Standard Rate

Premium Rate

The majority of work sessions are for a minimum of 1 hour at the appropriate rate.  There are a small number of sessions which are 1 x half hour but none at a quarter hour.  Public Holidays include Bank Holidays.  Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Sleeper Duties

When staff sleep in at the home of a client and are present between 10 pm and 8 am the following rates apply:

Standard and Premium Rate

Mon-Thurs: £62.50
Fri-Sun: £71.50
Public Holiday: £125.00

  • Bank Holiday rates will be paid for sleeper duties commencing or finishing on a Bank Holiday.
  • Should the staff be required before 10pm or after 8am, then the additional hours will be paid at the normal rate.
  • If the carer is disturbed between midnight and 6.00am and is required to carry out any duties, an additional £3.56 will be paid on Mon-Fri, £4.24 on Sat-Sun and £7.12 on Public Holidays for each disturbance.

Live In Carer Pay Rates

Rate per week

Double Pay on Public Holidays

All Carers


Universal Care will contribute 3% of your total pay towards a pension.  The Pension is managed by NOW Pensions and they will be in touch with you after you join.  You will qualify 3 months after you start working and it is a statutory requirement that you contribute 5%. Under the current Government legislation you are able to opt out of making a pension contribution within one calendar month of being enrolled


An allowance of 30p per mile will be paid to the carer for any work session which involves travel over and above a 10 mile journey.  A work session ends whenever there is a gap of 1 hour or more before the next visit. The travel allowance will be paid on the mileage in excess of 10 miles.

Journeys carried out on behalf of a client using the carer’s vehicle will be paid at 35p per mile.

Pay and Timesheets

Universal Care make deductions where applicable in respect of Income Tax (PAYE) and National Insurance.

Timesheets not received within 14 days of the work being carried out will only be paid at the National Minimum Wage.  It will not normally be possible to pay carers if timesheets are not received within 21 days of the work being carried out.

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