How to Help Tackle Loneliness Amongst the Elderly at Christmas

Christmas is an exciting and busy time of year for most people, families getting together to eat, drink, celebrate and open gifts. However, with so many families meeting up to share stories and turkey, it can highlight how isolated and lonely elderly people feel over the festive season.

Loneliness can affect both emotional and physical health for the elderly, many who are widowed and/or have very little family in the area. Millions of people will be spending Christmas alone, so think about what you can do to help someone feel happy, safe and festive!

Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Pop round to your neighbours with some Christmas treats to say hello
  • Volunteer at a care home, or ask your community about where you can visit for an hour or two over the festive holiday to help the elderly
  • Make that extra effort to see elderly relatives, or if that is too difficult, make sure they have someone keeping them company
  • Encourage others on social media to check in on the elderly for a chat

Volunteering at Christmas is such a fantastic thing to do and can be a lot of fun, so get involved now!

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