How to Support and Care for Elderly Couples

With years of their lives spent with one another, it isn’t surprising that many older couples would prefer to stay in the comforts of their own home along with their partner as they get older. However, often the healthier of the two takes on the role of caregiver, but more help may be needed for both adults to keep their daily lives and relationship happy and relaxed.

Daily Care

Daily care involves carers coming to visit, several times a day if necessary, to help care for a client’s needs. Whether this involves cooking, cleaning, dressing, administering medicine or even just being a supportive and friendly face, it can make a huge difference. It can create stress-free environment so both spouse are at ease, able to enjoy each other’s company without the strain of daily caring difficulties.


Daily care is most suitable for couples who need a helping hand around the house, someone to deal with dressing difficulties, do the shopping and act as a companion, whilst ensuring they are safe and comfortable.

Live-In Care

Sometimes regular visits from a carer aren’t enough to ensure the constant safety and comfort of elderly couples, particularly if they are struggling from certain conditions and illnesses. This is where live-in care becomes a suitable solution. We will match the live-in carer with the care recipients to ensure that there is a good dynamic and everyone will get on well. With a separate room for the carer, the couple will have their care needs sorted 24/7, whilst also getting the privacy they want to feel comfortable and relaxed in their own home.

If dementia care is required for either spouse, it is very unsettling to move to a care or nursing home, so staying in their home environment with their partner is generally the better option. With a live-in carer this is possible, whilst ensuring safety and minimising the stress of looking after a loved one with dementia.


24-Hour Care

Having 24-hour care gives you peace of mind that your relatives are happy at home in a comfortable environment with all the help they need. A detailed care plan will be drawn up that documents the care that will ensure the best quality of life for your parents or relatives. Get in touch with our Universal Care team on 01494 678811 for friendly personal advice on your situation.

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