Dementia Care

The difficulties of dementia

Dementia is a rapidly growing condition in the United Kingdom, with more people being afflicted every year. Recent studies have shown dementia to be the second greatest adult health concern after cancer. When a loved one suffers from one of the conditions which come under the classification of dementia it can be very hard to deal with. Most dementia is not treatable in any normal sense, and it’s quite normal to feel a sense of helplessness – families and friends feel as if their loved one is ‘slipping away’. Knowing what to do in this situation is not easy.

Improving quality of life in the challenging field of dementia care

The key to dementia care lies both with creating a good quality of life for the person with the condition and easing the stress on their family. Because dementia is a blanket term for several conditions, the severity and subsequent care for the individual varies a lot. Sometimes a live-in carer is the best solution, whilst other times daily visits may prove sufficient. If you have a loved one suffering from this condition, the best thing to do is get in touch. We’ll be able to work out a plan which best suits the needs of both the individual and the family.

Strategies for improving the situation of dementia sufferers

There are cases when dementia can become increasingly severe. Although this cannot be treated as such, we work in an attempt to slow the process by helping the person to focus on important memories and aspects of their life. This can reduce the frustration and disorientation often experienced by people with dementia, and improves interaction with loved ones.
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