Dementia Specialist

Introducing our leading dementia care specialist

Sally Blackden
Sally has worked with vulnerable adults for 17 years, initially in the field of advocacy where she trained volunteers to provide this valuable work. Increasingly this led to training volunteers to work with people living with dementia. Sally has worked with the producers of two films, to promote a ‘culture of care’. This and her training of both carers and volunteers seeks positive ways to bring ‘contented dementia’, helping people to get the most out of life whilst living with dementia.
Sally particularly supports families who are facing difficult situations with their loved ones who have dementia, visiting them regularly in their homes to find solutions to problems and offering the right ongoing support for the journey the family are facing. This can be by offering strategies to help diffuse any anger and frustration felt by people living with dementia, such as a listening ear and advice on activities for the professional carer and the family member, in order to stimulate feelings of well-being and enjoyment. Sally encourages socialisation and advises what is available in the local area such as support groups.
Sally teaches a range of students including paramedics, occupational therapists, care managers and matrons in the NHS. She also lectures at two London Universities to first year nursing and mental health students, and also on a MSc in Dementia Care. She is a champion for The Alzheimer Society and promotes everyone to become a Dementia Friend thus removing the stigma which still can surround dementia. She is also a member of the Campaign for the Care of the Vulnerable which was set up locally two years ago and is now a national campaign.
Sally is our in-house dementia specialist and not only provides training to our staff but is also available to visit our clients and their families in their own homes to help find solutions to problems or to help carers and loved ones to provide the right support.
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