Palliative Care

Relieving the pressure on you and your family

Looking after yourself can be very difficult during an illness even if it only lasts a few days. If a condition is more serious and protracted, the effort of maintaining normal life becomes that much more difficult as a result. We offer palliative care to help you or a loved one through these difficult periods. It should be noted that palliative care is not treatment for an illness, it’s rather a way of helping to relieve suffering alongside treatment. 

Our carers offer full support and care, both to help you through the difficult period of illness and also to ensure that your family is set at ease about your safety. There’s really no need to struggle and put yourself in danger when we can help you make the best of a difficult situation.

End of life care

End of life care can help those with a terminal illness or condition that has become advanced, progressive and incurable. 

Providing care to a client at the end of their life is very personal to each client, our Care Managers will take into account the personal preferences of our clients and their loved ones and arrange care that will provide the very best support to the individual and to their loved ones. 

Universal Care can help our client remain as comfortable as possible at home. We are able to work alongside other health professionals to ensure a comprehensive level of care is provided. 

While we are based in Beaconsfield, our care services are available in nearby areas such as Marlow, Berkhamsted and Watford.

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