Personal Alarms Could Make All the Difference to Feeling Comfortable at Home

A small fall or trip can happen to any of us around the house, no matter how old or young we are. For anyone struggling with their physical strength however, these falls can be a lot more harmful.

For elderly people the harm can come not from the fall itself, but from a lack of assistance for hours or even days if somebody lives alone. This can also leave someone not only physically harmed, but feeling vulnerable and anxious of the same thing happening again. Going through such an experience could really decrease confidence and make people feel uncomfortable in their own home.

A great solution to this is a personal alarm. They are made specifically for vulnerable people who live alone, but if you just need peace of mind then anyone could benefit from a personal alarm. Made in various forms, such as a discrete pendant round the neck or wrist, the personal alarm can be pressed in the event of any incident. This is linked to an alarm unit which is attached to the mains electricity and telephone line, and often includes a built in microphone so that the alarm user can speak to someone from the care team about the incident. The pendants are usually waterproof, have a 100m range and have a frequency which won’t interfere with other medical equipment.

One such alarm is the Lifeline24 Pendant Alarm, so check it out here.

Keeping your loved ones comfortable and safe will always be a priority and our carers know that. If you are concerned about an elderly friend or relative’s wellbeing then we offer daily care and live-in care to ensure that they have all the help and safety assurance they need. If you don’t think live-in care is quite necessary yet, then combining a personal alarm with a daily carer is the ideal option. Get in touch with our team on 01494 678811 or drop us an email at

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