The Best Way to Bring Up Home Care to Your Relatives

It can be a difficult time both for an elderly person and their relatives when their health becomes an issue to be considered seriously within the family. Christmas visits can often be the time when family realise that parents and grandparents aren’t coping as well as they used to, and that a conversation is needed.

How do you go about discussing the options in the most considerate and practical way?


1. Focus on the positives

It is easy for the negative possibilities of stress, frustration and physical difficulties to cloud the many positives and options available to suit your relative’s lifestyle and personal situation. Maintaining independence whilst getting support in the harder parts of daily life can open up a huge range of new opportunities and create a more relaxed, stress-free atmosphere.


2. Research Options

The huge decision to move into a nursing or care home is not the only option available, especially if your relative has been independent up until now. Daily visits from a professional carer is an option for those that need a helping hand around the house, including cooking, shopping, cleaning and other daily chores that can become exhausting for elderly people. If 24/7 care is necessary, whether that be because of illness, physical difficulty or dementia, live-in care is available, meaning a carer will stay with your relative, eliminating the need for a drastic move to another environment. Discuss all the options in a positive manner, and listen to your relative’s opinion on what they think they need.

3. Gradual

With so many options available, you can start off with a low impact care solution, such as daily care, and see how that works out. Testing it out on a trial-basis will give your relative a chance to adapt to having someone else around and they may appreciate the help and company once they have become accustomed to it.


4. It’s all about you

Make it about you and how much you worry. If a care solution is for your benefit and will give you peace of mind, then your relative may decide that, for your sake, they are happy to give daily care a try. If you have been spending a lot of time acting as primary caregiver, whilst juggling a career and family responsibilities, this is a very legitimate consideration.


We know these conversations are difficult, so get in touch with our friendly team on 01494 678811, to have a discussion about your relative’s options and how best to approach them.

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