Thomas The Tank Engine Author Looked After by Universal Care

Reverend W. Awdry, the creator of Thomas the Tank Engine, was provided live-in care and support by Universal Care in 1989.

In his biography written by Brian Sibley, The Thomas the Tank Engine Man: The Life of Reverend W. Awdry, it details the incredible life of Reverend W. Awdry and his children.

In Wilbert’s later years, he began to have problems with badly ulcerated legs, and was often in a lot of pain. After an incident where Wilbert fractured his hip, he was admitted to Stroud Hospital to recover. He was then taken to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital for planned ulcer treatment, before being transferred to Standish Hospital to be given therapy for his hip. As you can imagine, these hospital periods left Wilbert low, frustrated and depressed, and although he was allowed to leave the hospital to live in a care home, he wished to return back to his familiar home.

Universal Care was the solution! We provided live-in carers for Wilbert, who looked after his health and provided him companionship and support whilst he lived at home. According to the biography, our carers were more than solely interested in Wilbert’s day-to-day care and found themselves becoming good friends, enjoying their time with Wilbert extensively.

A quote from Wilbert from the biography:

I had got so used to doing what I was told, to obeying the rules and not having any real preference of my own, that when my first carer, Pamela Smith, asked: “What time do you want lunch?”, I replied: “When it’s convenient”. Pamela looked at me and said: “It’s your house, you make the rules; when do you want your lunch?”. In this way, bit by bit, she made me make the decisions; and along the way, we’d ’josh’ each other, and I found that I was laughing more than I had done in the last six or seven months.

Our team are so proud of the heritage of Universal Care and the incredible support and care that we provide for a huge array of clients. Becoming a carer is a fulfilling and exciting position, and the difference you can make to someone’s life, as you can see above, is huge and often life-changing. Our carers take great pride in the work we do at Universal Care, so get in touch on 01494 678811 or drop us a message at to talk to us about getting involved.

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